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Foodies with Benefits Season 2

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7 Things You Should Know About Foodies With Benefits At DLF Avenue

Delhi’s favourite food hub - COMMONS at DLF Avenue is known for its incredible quality to host some of the best food experiences in the city but now the place has gone TWO...THREE...FOUR steps ahead in making the entire experience much more exciting and memorable for its patrons.

During the Foodies With Benefits campaign at DLF Avenue, food lovers will be able to win exclusive offers and discounts on their favorite orders to unlock extra savings across their favorite brands and stores.

Now if you are looking for a way to enjoy this curation to the fullest then KUDOS to you as you have come to the right place. With our latest cheat sheet you can get yourself known with 7 things one should definitely know about the Foodies With Benefits at DLF Avenue.

● Dine at Any Commons Restaurant or Cafe to Unlock Offers

The Foodies With Benefits at Commons, DLF Avenue celebrates the spirit of love and joy that Delihites feel for delicious food and dishes. That’s why, it has been ensured to include all restaurants and cafes that are currently open at Commons as eligible food joints for the festival. As a result you can now visit your favorite food place and can win exclusive offers in return.

● Exclusive Offers Are Available Across All Categories

Exactly like how Commons hosts a delicious food experience across all cuisines and dishes, DLF Avenue Mall also provides an across-the-board shopping experience across different categories and products. From clothing and footwear to jewellery and electronics, one can shop for almost anything here. And for that same reason the offers have been spread across different categories across multiple stores.

● Not Just One But Win Across Multiple Stores & Brands

When you visit DLF Avenue for shopping, we don’t ever expect you to stay restricted to a single store. So, how could we have not included multiple stores and brands under the benefits earned during the Foodies With Benefits fest. Stores like Replay, JBL, Melorra, Tweak, & many others are available under the offers. To put it simply, we would like to declare that nothing is OFF LIMITS during this Foodies With Benefits at DLF Avenue.


● Win Big Savings On Your Shopping Bill

Now that we have discussed the possibility of being able to unlock savings on different categories across major brands, it’s important that we now talk about the amount of savings that will be made available to you. And even though we don’t want to kill the hype by revealing it all today, we can assure you that it’s certainly worthy.

● Exclusively Valid Across DLF Avenue Stores Only

The Foodies With Benefits festival is an exclusive DLF Avenue Mall initiative so the offers are only redeemable on stores that are available inside the mall. It’s important to note that offers can not be availed at any other store location. Thereby, it’s advisable to come prepared for an immersive shopping & dining experience during the Foodies With Benefits fest at DLF Avenue Mall, Saket.

● Hurry Up! Or Lose the Chance of a Lifetime

All good things come to an end and similarly the super awesome Foodies With Benefits will also have to come to an inevitable halt. And this fact makes it more important that you surely make the most of this breathtaking opportunity to achieve big savings on your shopping while still enjoying delicious food at Commons. And if not, then remember that history isn’t very forgiving with people who miss great opportunities.

● T&C Apply But Not at the Expense of Your Experience

We have tried our best to not bore you with the details and we have also made efforts to ensure that you can enjoy a seamless savings experience without having to worry too much about terms and conditions. That’s why, T&C have been kept to a bare minimum and hold no real powers. However, one should note that available offers are not stackable and can only be used separately.


There is no doubt that with the arrival of Foodies With Benefits fest, feasting and shopping will become extra flavoursome and affordable at the DLF Avenue Mall. And the coming weeks are going to be especially exciting for patrons who wish to dine at their favorite Commons restaurant.