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Top 5 restaurants to celebrate New Year's Eve this year, all at DLF Avenue

in  Commons
Experience the best of Winter this festive season at Commons at DLF Avenue, Saket

The end of the year is right around the corner and the city is heavy with a festive atmosphere. Hence, we at COMMONS have decided to go all out to make a memorable and magical experience for your maximum fun!

COMMONS at DLF Avenue has earned a reputation for hosting some of the biggest events in Delhi, and for a very good reason, because once again we have gone above and beyond in curating a holistic experience that oscillates gloriously between dining and culture.

Here's why you should head to COMMONS for the ultimate and memorable New Year bash!

It's raining offers and brunches and unlimited fun at COMMONS by DLF Avenue! But you won't need an umbrella! Because these restaurants have got you covered!

Now we don't wish to reveal the entire surprise at once because where's the fun in that?

However, we understand that all this mind-blowing information can get the adrenaline pumping, so let's slow down a little and take it from the top. Also, we suggest you keep a large glass of water nearby for it's going to get C-R-A-Z-Y out here!

Feeling excited already? Wait till you hear what these five restaurants have planned for you!

Tickled Pink: This gorgeous romantic cafe with its eclectic menu, eccentric decor, and outdoor seating is all set to enchant you with various culinary and visual surprises. Starting with the Pink Festival Cocktails (24th - 31st December), Tickled Pink has planned an itinerary for a fun week. Followed by the cocktails, we have Pink & Bling with the talented musician, Coner Alpex (31st December, 9 pm onwards) to bring in the New Year, and lastly, the Pink Holiday Brunch (31st December - 1st January, 12 pm to 5pm) to wrap up a memorable week and year.

Saket SOCIAL - The perfect venue for high energy musical gigs and performances, Saket SOCIAL continues to lay a new benchmark for a creative and exciting food and beverage experience in the city. Hence, when you are in a place equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lights setup, nothing like a 1+1 offer on drinks from Monday to Friday to complete the experience.

Pot Pot: A special winter menu awaits you from 21st to 31st December. An innovative take on the desi cuisine, and served in terracotta pots, Pot Pot lives up to its name: you can't help but return more than once!

Aviary: Spend the last day of the year, from 12 pm to 4 pm, with unlimited food and drinks in Aviary's world of creative cocktails, fusion food and its nature-inspired eclectic ambience!

If it wasn't clear, then we hope it has become absolutely certain now - the festive season celebration at COMMONS by DLF Avenue is home to a memorable experience for everyone. Your happiness is our priority and that's why we have done our bit to make sure that the upcoming festive season is full of joy and surprises.

Mao Bao: A wonderful assortment of drinks and food awaits you at Mao Bao. Host for the New Year brunch from 12pm to 4pm, Mao Bao understands what makes a good brunch. This sleek restaurant offers elevated Chinese cuisine, which also includes dumplings & rice dishes.

And so, if you don't want to spend an entire season being struck by FOMO, then join us at COMMONS, which is the right place at the right time for all things happy and fun!

So come celebrate with us yet another uncommon year here at COMMONS!